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Can I use a Beauty & Fitness offer on my own?

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Of course you can. Your wellness means the world to us. Many of the Beauty & Fitness Offers can be used in two ways:

  • One Offer can be used by two people within the same visit, with the second treatment or service being free of charge.
  • One Offer can also be used by one person, where the full price will be paid on the first treatment/service and then the second visit will be free of charge. The merchant will provide a voucher on the first visit to be used on another visit. Please note that the complimentary voucher for the treatment/service must be used within the Offer validity period. Its also non-transferable and cannot be issued as a gift voucher.

The “Discount” Offers can be used for one visit against the service/item mentioned on the voucher. No need to bring a partner and not obligated for a second visit should you go on your own.

The discount will apply only on normal rates/prices and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion, discounts, special offers or vouchers. These Offers would need to be presented before the service/item is purchased.