A Solution for Every Industry

Whether you are looking for solutions in financial services, telecommunications, government, retail, or hospitality, the ENTERTAINER business can help you build solutions that give you the flexibility to build a loyalty program in any industry.
We are able to offer you an end-to-end solution, from strategy through to implementation, of a customized rewards and loyalty solution that will work for your customer or employee. Our industry and loyalty leaders will help guide you in developing solutions tailored to your industry and market.
We will work as your partners, providing managed services to ensure the best possible customer experience and making use of CRM, data, and analytics.

Transforming Brands in Every Industry

Explore our library of how-to guides to get you started with building a loyalty + rewards program.


Let us help you to increase customer aquisition and retention, and have a step up over your competition, by creating a customised loyalty solution for your FMCG brand.


Allow us to assist you in increasing customer acquisition and retention, improving ROI, and staying ahead of your competition with a tailored loyalty solution for telecommunication and utility programs.

Financial Services

We have successfully worked with many banks, payment networks, and insurance companies to produce the best industry-specific loyalty solution for them. Let us help you to use your loyalty program to not only reward your customers with tangible incentives.


We have successfully worked with many retail brands and companies to produce industry-specific loyalty solutions to help them to acheive their goals. Take advantage of our industry knowledge and customer loyalty experience.

Travel Industry

Whether you are looking for an off-the-shelf plug and play app which offers a wide range of rewards for your customers, or you want something completely unique and bespoke to stay ahead of the competition, we got you covered.

Government Sector

Engage with your employees and citizen and drive engagement and behaviour. We work with governments to create bespoke rewards and loyalty programs tailored to meet their needs – whether that is to drive employee engagement, drive positive behaviour from residents.

Employee Rewards Program

Skilled workers are hard to find, and sometimes harder to keep. Keep your organization’s employees engaged and rewarded through our customized rewards solutions. By setting up your employee recognizition and reward strategy, you will foster a positive environment.

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