Unlock Your Customers Potential

Acquire, retain and engage your customers with a rewards and loyalty program designed to suit your business needs. Let us help you build the best loyalty solution for you.
Customer acquisition is important, but customer retention and engagement are just as, if not more, crucial. The key to achieving this is offering an unparalleled customer experience, to keep your customers around for the long term.
We help our clients bring an exceptional experience to their customers by offering the end to end solution. From customized loyalty and rewards solutions, leveraging data, and supercharging CRM for personalised communications – we enable businesses to tailor their loyalty and rewards programmes to serve their customers.

Features to Fit Your Loyalty Needs

Customizable Solutions

Build a fully customized loyalty program, tailored to your brand.

Unique Rewards

Seamlessly integrate rewards into your loyalty program.

Loyalty Management

Segment customers into clusters using intelligent behaviour modelling.

Loyalty Currency

Include a branded loyalty currency including CLO to encourage customer earn and burn.

Customer Engagement

Use omnichannel communications to increase conversion and customer insights.

Analytics + Insights

Monitor customer engagement with real-time redemption analytics + insights.


Easily integrate features such as CLO, gamification + tiering.


Increase organic reach and reward customers that share your loyalty program.

Engage With Millions of Customers Using Our Loyalty Solutions.


CEO & Co-Founder

Faizan Lakhani


Noman Lakhani

Zainab Sarwar Sheikh

Director Partnerships